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Check out the NEW 4012 Taylor Bra. Currently available in Black.
Check out the NEW 622 4012 Taylor Bra. Currently available in Black.


Research & Development Advanced Manufacturing Quality and Regulatory Compliance Advanced Materials
Product Development and Tooling Design Precision CNC Machining and Waterjet Cutting ISO 13485 ISO 9000 AS 9100 ITAR Silicones Elastomers Foams
Rapid Prototyping Production of In-House Tooling Medical Aerospace Commercial Defence Titanium Aluminum Stainless Steel
Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Sheet Metal Fabrication and Welding Manufacturing in 4 countries, Shipping to more than 90 countries Acetal Resins Polyethylene
Multiple CAD/CAM Platforms Chemical Blending and Conversion Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass and other Composite Materials