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Trulife Warranty

Download Orthotic Warranty Card

Download Prosthetic Warranty Card

Trulife warrants that PRODUCT will be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of installation for the warranty period stated on the PRODUCT warranty card.

The warranty will not apply if PRODUCT has been damaged by misuse, abuse, neglect, improper care, failure to follow instructions, abnormal wear and tear, or in the event that the PRODUCT has been modified/repaired by persons unauthorized by Trulife.

If a defect in material or workmanship is found during the warranty period, Trulife will, at Trulife’s option, either repair or replace the product. If it is not possible to repair or replace the product, Trulife will be limited to refunding the purchase price.

Trulife will not be liable under any legal theory for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of or inability to use this product.

The application guidelines for Trulife product are for the use of and by a certified, qualified practitioner only. Patients are not to attempt to apply or adjust the item unless expressly instructed to do so by the practitioner responsible for the prescription and/or initial fitting of the device. All patient questions should be referred to the practitioner and not to the manufacturer. The manufacturer warrants only that the product has been inspected for quality and can be effective for certain indications, but final decisions and ongoing monitoring must be made by the professional(s) prescribing and/or fitting the device to determine its effectiveness for an individual patient. Patient compliance is an integral part of the entire protocol and must be adhered to in order to avoid potential problems and to maximize the effectiveness of the prescribed product.

As a condition of the sale of any Trulife product, the product is restricted to a “Single Patient Use Only” by the originally fitted patient in order to protect the care provider and the patient against potentially adverse consequences of infectious disease transmission, material instability in adapting to the configuration of the original user and/or decrease in effectivity. Any express or implied warranties are voided if the product is reused or fitted to another patient. Additionally, a license of right to use under any relevant patents pertaining to the product is terminated with the cessation of use by the original patient. As with all Trulife products, the product must be prescribed and applied by a qualified practitioner to determine it meets the needs of the particular patient and accomplishes the desired results.