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Lower Limb

  • FH200 Matrix

    Energy storing, composite footplate and strut Lateral strut is anterior to malleolus Open calcaneal design Custom-fit, anterior shell and footplate

  • FH225 Matrix Max Raw

    Lightweight, carbon composite Ready for practitioner to create a custom anterior AFO, or partial foot prosthesis One size

  • DynaPro™ AFO

    Antimicrobial material which helps prevent odour and infection Effectively reverses ankle/foot contractures Elastic pull straps effectively treat ...

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  • 8668 Swedish Knee Cage

    Lightweight, vinyl coated, aluminium frame Molds easily Adjustable, posterior pressure pad Permits knee flexion, restricts extension

  • A247 Hinged Swedish Knee Cage

    Lightweight, aluminium frame with padded straps Prevents hyperextension of knee joint Will not protrude above or below knee while seated