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ELP200 ARDS Prone Pad System


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ARDS is Acute respiratory distress syndrome and is a type of respiratory failure characterized by the rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs.

The ARDS Prone Pad System helps encourage respiratory function and accommodates the body’s anatomical conformities.

The ARDS Prone Pad System has been ergonomically and anatomically designed to align the patient in the prone position and encourage respiratory function.


ELP141 Prone Headrest Pad  265 x 245 x 170mm
ELP215  Chest Positioning Pad 300 x 500 x 171mm
ELP216  Stomach Positioning Pad300 x 500 x 161mm
ELP217 Hip Positioner Pad  200 x 500 x 81mm
ELP218  Shin Positioning Pad 310 x 500 x 150mm


2 years