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Non-Surgical Breast & Nipple Restoration

Trulife is the longtime quality leader in crafting a handmade custom breast prosthesis. We have over two decades of experience creating the most realistic custom breast prosthesis for women as an alternative to reconstruction, an answer to failed reconstruction, and as a beautiful prosthetic option for all women who have had breast surgery.

• Custom made to a woman’s unique contour, shape and profile
• May help restore a sense of wholeness and confidence
• Enhanced softness to match natural breast tissue

With the use of a laser scanner, a 3D image is quickly created and easily sent to the Radiant Impressions Production Studio, where Design Engineers create a beautiful custom breast prosthesis that is unique to the surgery site, skin tone, color and characteristics such as freckles and nipple.

Contact Trulife about our Radiant Impressions Scan Events and/or becoming a Radiant Impressions Scan Retailer.

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