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Check out the NEW 622 4012 Taylor Bra. Currently available in Black.

Elite Trendelenburg System

SKU ELTS40 TR012 ELT900 ELT015 ELT22 ELT23 ELT24

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The Elite Trendelenburg System has been developed to help overcome the challenges faced in the Trendelenburg position, primarily patient slippage, nerve injury and the formation of decubitus sores.

Key Features

  • Suitable for up to 40º Trendelenburg Holds patient securely in lateral tilt
  • Dual-layer viscoelastic foam and integrated gel structure
  • Carbon composite shoulder supports for steep Trendelenburg


  • TR012 - Trendelenburg Headrest
  • ELT900 - Elite Trendelenburg Positioner
  • ELT015 - ET Anti-Slip Mat
  • ELT21 - ET Shoulder Support x2
  • ELT22 - ET Arm Retainer x2
  • ELT23 - EL L-Bracket x2
  • ELT24 - ET Clamp x2*

( *need to specify US, UK, EU )


Product Description



Elite Trendelenburg System 40º

830 x 550 x 115mm



2 years