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SP503 SoftPro™ Static Gel Elbow

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Ideal for providing positioning therapy for mild to moderate (< 90°) flexion contractures of the elbow. Double upright with single setting hinges which are set to provide the desired extension of the elbow. Rigid cuffs on bicep and forearm in soft cover; adjustable elbow cap. Soft, light, and comfortable, the SoftPro® Static Elbow is excellent for maintaining range of motion or providing progressive extension therapy.
  • Static Therapy – Support, Protect and Position

  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy

  • Easily adjustable single setting hinge

  • Provides 3 point progressive extension stretch


RA-pain, inflammation, deformity, RSD-pain, with movement or stretch, tissue shortening, mild tone, poor end feel, fair end feel, poor skin integrity


Upper Arm Circumference

SM:  20cm – 25cm

MD:  25cm – 30cm

LG:   30cm – 36cm
Lower Arm Circumference

SM:  20cm – 25cm

MD:  25cm – 30cm

LG:  30cm – 36cm