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SoftPro™ Palmar Resting Hand

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  • Severely abducted thumb rests on the finger platform
  • The thumb can be positioned under the finger platform as a second step in abducting the thumb
  • Large finger platforms provide a comfortable ‘pan’ to support and protect the hand and fingers
  • Antimicrobial material which helps to prevent odour and infection
  • Colour coded straps to facilitate easy brace application
  • An extra cover is included with every SoftPro™ wrist/hand/finger Orthosis


RA-pain, inflammation, deformity, RSD-pain with movement or stretch, tissue shortening, mild tone, poor end feel and poor skin integrity


Model No.  Left Model No.  Right Size Width of MP Joints Length – wrist to finger tip
SP31FPRL-02 SP31FPRR-02 Small Up to 8cm Up to 17cm
SP31FPRL-03 SP31FPRR-03 Medium 8cm – 9cm 17cm – 20cm
SP31FPRL-04 SP31FPRR-04 Large 9cm – 10cm 20cm – 24cm