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SAB310 - Adult Ankle Block, Standard


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  • Manufactured using high strength polyurethane foam surrounding a nylon core
  • Lightweight and durable to withstand the forces imposed by dynamic response feet
  • Ideal for use with Lightfoot2 Foot (SLF195/198)
  • Weight limit 136 kg / 300 lb
  • Indications

    The Ankle Block is designed for the exoskeletal setup of various feet.


    Product Weight
    426 g · 15.0 oz
    Product Height
    12.4 cm · 4.9 in
    Maximum Clearance
    15.5 cm · 6.1 in     (including foot)
    Core Diameter
     5.1 cm · 2.0 in
    Largest Width
    11.4 cm · 4.5 in


    2 years