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SSF40 - Seattle Skride Foot

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Dynamic response with vertical/torsional shock- absorbing pylon

Shock Unit:

  • Up to 15mm vertical travel (6mm is typical during normal ambulation)
  • Adjustable vertical spring pre-load (compression resistance)
  • 28° overall axial rotation (14° each direction with 20NM torsional load applied)

Composite Shank/ Keel:

  • Dynamic, durable, light weight J-shaped composite shank with full length composite keel
  • Smooth loading response and excellent ground compliance
  • Heel response is adjustable with 3 optional polyurethane bumper inserts
  • Removable split-toe shell


    Medium to high impact level, K3-K4 lower limb amputees, maximum weight of 150 kg / 330 lb


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    Keel: 3 Years

    Foot Shell: 6 Months

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