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OrthoPro™ HyperEx Knee Brace

Please consult with a professional to have these products specified

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  • Inflatable air bladder incorporated being the hyperextension control strap prevents migration and allows for adjustment of the knee position
  • Quick release straps are suitable for patients who require one-handed application
  • Lightweight construction and slimline profile ensure the brace conforms to the leg anatomy and offers superior comfort


Knee hyperextension and genu recurvatum


Model No. Left Model No. Right Size Length Knee Circumference*
OP403-0-L OP403-0-R Small 25.5 – 35.5cm 25-30 cm / 10-12 in
OP403-1-L OP403-1-R Medium 35.5 – 51cm 33-35 cm / 13-14 in
OP403-2-L OP403-2-R Large 51 – 68.5cm 38-41 cm / 15-16 in

*Measure 10 cm / 4 in above knee centre