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Check out the Matrix Pace, the Newest addition to the Matrix Medial Family.
Check out the Matrix Pace, the Newest addition to the Matrix Medial Family.

SLF19 - Lightfoot2 with Pyramid K3

SKU SLF195-22-L-H5

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  • Arrives ready to install
  • Natural looking, sandal toe foot shell (non-removable)
  • Pre-assembled with a male pyramid for quick and easy installation
  • Pyramid and spacer can be removed for Symes patient application


Medium impact level, K3, maximum weight of 136 kg / 300 lb*


Product Sizes
22-29 cm
Weight Limit
136 kg · 300 lb  *For medium impact level
Sandal Toe
Foot Shell
Light, Dark
Product Weight
480 g · 1 lb (Size 25)
Min. Clearance
9 cm · 3.5 in
Heel Rise
9.5 mm · 3/8 in
Foot Bolt, 2.5 cm Foot Spacer, Foot Pyramid

Category selection instruction

To optimize the selection and ensure amputee’s safety, follow the two steps below to determine the appropriate keel.
     1.  Locate the column that corresponds with the amputee’s impact level.
     2.  Within the selected column, locate the amputee’s weight
Important Note: If the amputee has a long BK, carries heavy loads or will reach a higher impact level within a year, choose the next category higher.
WarningChoosing a lower strength category than what is suggested based on the above procedure and patient data will void the warranty. If your patient’s weight exceeds the limits of the chart, please browse the catalog for other foot options or call Trulife Customer Service.

CategoryFoot SizeWalking with AidLimited WalkingWalking on Uneven Surfaces
H924-29 cm114-136 kg      ·   251-300 lb114-136 kg      ·   251-300 lb114-136 kg      ·   251-300 lb
H823-29 cm  91-113 kg      ·   201-250 lb     91-113 kg   ·   201-250 lb  91-113 kg      ·   201-250 lb
H722-29 cm  69-90 kg       ·  151-200 lb     69-90 kg    ·  151-200 lb  69-90 kg       ·  151-200 lb
H622-28 cm  46-68 kg      ·   101-150 lb     46-68 kg   ·   101-150 lb  46-68 kg      ·   101-150 lb
H522-27 cm <45 kg       ·   <100 lb <45 kg       ·   <100 lb <45 kg       ·   <100 lb


2 years

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