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Check out the NEW 622 4012 Taylor Bra. Currently available in Black.

SKF10 - Kinetic Light with Pylon K2

SKU SKF103-22-L-1A2

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  • K2 foot with integrated multi-axial ankle
  • Proximal male pyramid
  • Full length, composite keel
  • Sandal toe foot shell (non-removable)
  • Integrated ankle function for all categories is the same as the existing Kinetic


Moderate impact level, K2, maximum weight of 160 kg /350 lb*


Product Sizes

22-30 cm
Weight Limit

160 kg  · 350 lb  *For category #5

Sandal Toe
Foot Shell

Light, Dark
Product Weight

Cat 1-2:  481 g · 1.1 lb (Size 25 without Pylon)

Cat 3-5:  564 g · 1.2 lb  (Size 25 without Pylon)
Min. Clearance

7.3 cm  · 2.9 in
Heel Rise

9.5 mm · 3/8 in

Preassembled with Female Pylon AAA200

Category selection instruction

Bumper Selection Instructions
To optimize selection, follow the three steps below to determine the appropriate category.
1. Locate the column associated with the amputee’s foot length.
2. Locate the row corresponding to the amputee’s weight.
3. The area where the column and row intersect lists the appropriate category.
Important Note: If the amputee has a long BK or carries heavy loads choose the next category higher.
Warning: Choosing a lower category than what is suggested based on the above procedure and patient data will void the warranty. If your patient’s weight exceeds the limits of the chart, please contact Trulife Customer Service.
Foot Length222324252627282930
Patient Weight

137-160 kg   ·    301-350 lb55555
101-136 kg   ·    221-300 lb4444444
  81-100 kg   ·    177-220 lb2333333
  < 80 kg   ·    < 176 lb1122222


Foot:   2 years

Foot Shell:  1 year