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Neoform Wrist Thumb Support

Please consult with a professional to have these products specified

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  • Neoprene wrist and thumb support with unique polyester towel lining
  • Provides support to the first CMC and MCP joints
  • Lining wicks away perspiration for increased patient comfort
  • Removable malleable aluminium stay holds joint in proper position
  • Hook and loop thumb strap prevents migration


Wrist/thumb trauma, wrist/thumb over use injury, stabilising hyper or hypotonic wrist/thumb flexors Wrist sprains/strains, arthritis, mild carpal tunnel syndrome


Model No.  Left Model No.  Right Size Forearm Circumference
NWT-01L NWT-01R X Small Under 14cm
NWT-02L NWT-02R Small 14 – 16.5cm
NWT-03L NWT-03R Medium 16.5 – 19cm
NWT-04L NWT-04R Large 19 – 22cm
NWT-05L NWT-05R X Large Over 22cm