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Check out the NEW 4012 Taylor Bra. Currently available in Black.
Check out the NEW 622 4012 Taylor Bra. Currently available in Black.

Classic Wrist Support


Please consult with a professional to have these products specified

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  • Multi-compression elastic wrap around support
  • Provides stability to wrist
  • Closure straps features loop ends for ease of fitting
  • Available as packs of 6


Wrist sprains/strains, arthritis, mild carpal tunnel syndrome


Model No.  Left Model No.  Right Size Forearm Circumference
FTC-01L FTC-01R X Small Under 14cm
FTC-02L FTC-02R Small 14 – 16.5cm
FTC-03L FTC-03R Medium 16.5 – 19cm
FTC-04L FTC-04R Large 19 – 22cm
FTC-05L FTC-05R X Large Over 22cm