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DPFE20724 DynaPro™ Flex Elbow

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Ideal “static – dynamic” therapy to reverse mild to moderate tissue shortening contractures of the elbow (< 90°).
  • Treats mild/moderate flexion
  • Abnormal reflex arc therapy provided by the device assists with neuro-rehabilitation
  • Axial hinge with legible goniometer facilitates brace fitting
  • Antimicrobial material which helps to prevent odour and infection
  • Gel elbow pad included


Tissue shortening – mild to severe tone, fair to good end feel, neurological hypertonicity/spasticity, neuro contracture management


Upper Arm Circumference

SM:  20cm – 25cm

MD:  23cm – 29cm

LG:  28cm – 36cm
Lower Arm Circumference

SM:  13cm – 20cm

MD:  19cm – 25cm

LG:   23cm – 30cm
Mid Bicep Circumference

Child    13cm - 18cm Length 22cm

Youth   18cm - 25cm Length 24 cm