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SP501 SpinAir Back Orthosis

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  • A thoracic lumbar immobilization brace consisting of a paravertebral structure (duraluminum splint) that shapes and adjusts  to the spine by means of an elastic pelvic band and paravertebral straps inserted into the back through a buckle and fastened at the front of the pelvic band producing retropulsion of the shoulders and promoting good alignment of the back.
  • It aligns with the spine and corrects kyphotic posture while releasing the vertebral bodies from pressure and wedging.  It partially limits lateral and flexion/extension movements of the spine.
  • It is specifically designed for patients with osteoporosis and kyphosis, correcting posture dynamically and gradually to maximize patient comfort.
  • It is supplied preformed, but needs to be molded to each patient's spine before fitting.



Osteoporosis, degenerative processes, degenerative discopathy, muscular hypotonia, osteoporotic fracture, lower and upper back pain, posture rehabilitation, post-operative care.



Cotton / Polyamide / Lycra / Latex Free

Hip Circumference

   XS:     78-93 cm  

SM: 90-105 cm

MD: 90-105 cm

LG:103-120 cm

XL:103-120 cm

Spinal Column Height

   XS:      51-59 cm  

SM:  51-59 cm  

MD:59-68 cm

LG:59-68 cm

XL:68-75 cm


90 days

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