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  • 8668 Swedish Knee Cage

    Lightweight, vinyl coated, aluminium frame Molds easily Adjustable, posterior pressure pad Permits knee flexion, restricts extension

  • Limb Holder

    RECOMMENDED USE: Patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment or whose picking, pulling, scratching or peeling exacerbates...

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  • Security Mitts

    RECOMMENDED USE: Patients who disrupt medical treatment by pulling at their IV line/catheter or are prone to self-injury. Quick-release buckle wri...

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  • A193 Lerman Minerva

    Manufactured with non-ferrous material Used to support and stabilize cervical spine and upper thoracic spine after injury or surgery

  • Lerman Minerva Pad Set

    Lerman Minerva Pad Set Includes:  Back Pad, Chin Pad (2), Chest Pad, Occipital Pad, Head Band Assembly        

  • A247 Hinged Swedish Knee Cage

    Lightweight, aluminium frame with padded straps Prevents hyperextension of knee joint Will not protrude above or below knee while seated