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NEW Matrix Pace AFO
NEW Matrix Pace AFO

RM59 Heavy Duty Frame

SKU RM598580

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  • Reinforced structure for bariatric patients
  • Front wheeled option available
  • Height adjustable
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Max weight 35st (220kg)
  • Tip size 25mm
  • Made in Britain


Model No.DescriptionHeightWeight
RM597579Non Wheeled/Standard Height79 – 89cm2.9kgs
RM597587Non Wheeled/Large Height87 – 97cm3.1kgs
RM598580Wheeled/Standard Height80 – 90cm2.9kgs
RM598588Wheeled/Large Height88 – 98cm3.1kgs
  • Width between back legs 70cm
  • Front to back depth 41cm


12 months