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December 18, 2017

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Medical devices have come a long way and these days they are truly multi-functional in treating illness and disability – being used for a wide variety of purposes including diagnosis, prevention, monitoring and treatment.

Over the past number years, there has been rapid growth in the industry fueled by new innovative products. Medical devices now encompass all products used in healthcare, excluding medicines, and include so many diverse components such as orthopaedic joints, programmable pacemakers, stents, ventilators, laser surgical devices and much more.

Trulife continues to invest heavily in Research & Development and the company is leading the way in innovation in several sectors in this field including pressurecare, seating solutions, breastcare, prosthetics and orthotics.

Innovation is at the heart of our business and it reflects our core values; as we strive for quality in everything we do and look for continuous improvement, whilst maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Ultimately, the objective of driving innovation is to positively impact sales. Nielsen research has found that innovation really matters to people and they are more likely to purchase from a company they perceive as innovative “more than six-in-10 respondents (63%) say they like when manufacturers offer new products”. This is a philosophy held by Trulife and backed up by leading influencers, “More than other manufacturing sectors, medical devices have a special stake in innovation; the nature of the business requires companies to elevate their performance to offer better life-enhancing and life-saving technologies.” – Chris Stirling, Chairman Global Life Sciences Partner, KPMG UK.

R&D continues to top the list of priorities for Medical device manufacturers, and investment in the area continues to grow. The goal of companies is not only to add incremental innovation but breakthrough innovation that creates a whole new medical devices area in which they are first to market. Research suggests that the medical devices field is expected to grow significantly in the next few years; Market Research Reports projects “revenues for medical device firms will reach $543.9 billion by 2020.

From 3D bioprinted organs to tap blood collection devices and artificial intelligence medical apps, innovation in the medical devices sector is expected to change the world.

Trulife’s goals are aligned to this, to ultimately provide patients with a better quality of life through innovation.

medical device innovation breastcare

A Changing Landscape

With the worldwide landscape changing, the medical device industry in Ireland is also booming and continues to grow and evolve. Traditionally the sector was based on first-class manufacturing but in recent times it has become progressively more multifaceted driven by big investments in research and development. Today it encompasses the collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders, including research institutions, clinicians, manufacturing companies and government agencies.

Ireland has now gained a reputation globally for being a medical device centre of excellence.

A recent sector review by IBEC revealed that over 29,000 people are employed in the Irish medical device industry, the second largest in Europe. At the time of the report, the annual exports to over 100 countries were approximately €12 billion.

The review highlights the significant investment by many of the companies in research and development and also the Irish government’s commitment to R&D through Science Foundation Ireland. One significant addition to the country is the SFI CÚRAM Centre for Research in Medical Devices that will help cement Ireland as a global leader in medical device innovation for years to come.

Trulife’s Commitment to Innovation

At Trulife we are committed to pushing the boundaries and see innovation as central to everything we do.

“The team at Trulife work relentlessly to create revolutionary new products that can make a real impact on people’s lives. We are a company that will continue to innovate for years to come” Olive Gunning, Trulife General Manager.

trulife medical device innovation orthotics

Recently we’ve added several new products and continued to make improvements that have made a real difference to people:

But our efforts won’t stop there and we are extremely excited about some innovative new products in the pipeline due for release in 2018.

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Exciting Times in 2018 – A Sneak Preview…..

Here’s a little look at some of the new medical devices Trulife is launching in 2018.

Trulife Zenith & Zenith LP Lower Limb Prosthetic Feet

Following a recent patent expiry on a blade-type foot, innovation in this area has taken a giant leap forward. Trulife have been hard at work developing our own high-performance solution, the Zenith and Zenith LP. Its virtually maintenance-free design is made of lightweight composite materials for increased comfort and reduced fatigue. Four resistance options allow for individual patient fine-tuning. The energetic and flexible toe loading response automatically adjusts to variable walking speeds.

Designed to harness the core concept of an energy efficient blade, it encompasses Trulife’s composite capabilities and know-how to develop a superior product that eliminates the need for fasteners, offering incomparable performance.

Silk Curve Breast Prosthesis

A uniquely shaped breast prosthesis with an elongated top allowing it to transition smoothly to the chest wall. Silk Curve is a soft, natural draping breast form designed to match a mature breast that will fit in with both underwire and soft cup bras.

……… well as much more.

medical device innovation at trulife

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