Endoskeletal Cosmesis

  • Universal cosmesis shape for temporary or permanent application
  • Made of durable urethane for quick, easy finishing
  • Easy access for alignment changes
  • Please have side and foot size available when ordering

Indications: Transtibial amputations; for use with the following  feet: Lightfoot with Pyramid, Natural with Pyramid, SACH with Pyramid or Child’s Play Energy

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Model No. Description
SEC201 Endoskeletal Cosmesis, Light, Foot Size 22-26 cm
SEC210 Endoskeletal Cosmesis, Dark, Foot Size 22-26 cm
SEC202 Endoskeletal Cosmesis, Light, Foot Size 26-29 cm
SEC211 Endoskeletal Cosmesis, Dark, Foot Size 26-29 cm


Product Weight

SEC201, 210:                       246 g / 8.6 oz (sz 26)

SEC202, 211:                       348 g / 12.2 oz (sz 26)

Product Height

SEC201, 210:                       26 cm / 10.3 in

SEC202, 211:                       39 cm / 15.5 in

Warranty:                           2 years

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