Bebax Tri-Plane Paediatric Forefoot Orthosis

  • Allows progressive and dynamic correction of congenital forefoot deformities
  • Adjusts progressively for proper fit
  • Patented, multi-directional hinge adapts easily for correction in all three planes
  • Minimises retractions from muscular or neurological disorders
  • Offers serial casting; contact moulding to forefoot and heel without plaster
  • Removable for stretching and hygiene
  • Not recommended for treatment of clubfoot or intended for use while walking

Indications: Congenital forefoot deformities

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Model No. Left Model No. Right Description Foot Length
08600001075 08600002075 Infant  07.5cm / 3in
08600001080 08600002080 Infant  08.0cm / 3.1 in
08600001085 08600002085 Infant  08.5cm / 3.3in
08600001090 08600002090 Infant  09.0cm / 3.5in
08600001095 08600002095 Infant  09.5cm / 3.7in
08600001100 08600002100 Infant  10.0cm / 3.9in
08600001105 08600002105 Toddler  10.5cm / 4.1in
08600001115 08600002115 Toddler  11.5cm 4.5in
08600001125 08600002125 Toddler  12.5cm / 4.9in
08600001135 08600002135 Toddler  13.5cm /5.3in


Material: Leather

Warranty: 90 days

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