The rate of occurrence of operating room pressure sores can be greatly reduced by utilising the best pressure relieving and patient positioning devices in the market and by implementing some basic steps in positioning care. Educating operating room staff in these areas is essential.

Trulife continue to innovative where pressure care is concerned. Our Pressure Care Ranges were developed due to our belief that patient safety and pressure relief comes first. We are committed to providing state of the art products for both patients and health care systems. Extensive research goes into the development of each pressure care range. Our Pressure Care ranges provide an effortless and economical solution suitable for all surgical procedures.

Why select the Trulife Range?

  • Re-distributes weight effectively
  • Reusable
  • Cost Saving
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Extensive range
  • Easy to Clean
  • Different budget considered
  • Biocompatible
  • Made in Ireland

Oasis – The Original Silicone Solution


Trulife designs superior pressure care products including the Oasis range of reusable silicone gel pads, made entirely from silicone gel. The innovative design allows pressure to be alleviated by the tiny movements of gel which disperses the weight gently across the pad.

Oasis Elite – Lightweight & Pre-Contoured


Our Oasis Elite pressure care range provides comfort and safety to the patient in the operating room. The Elite range is produced from a mixture of silicone gel and a light weight foam, making them over half as light as similar gel only pressure care product. The light weight and durable design makes them easier to handle by medical staff and a pre-contoured exterior gives the patient extra comfort during surgery.

Azure – Redefining Pressure


All products in our Azure range contain 2 separate protective silicone layers that work together to provide effective pressure care in a unique way. The layers are cleverly designed and are able to adapt to the end users physical shape in a less rigid fashion than other similar pressure care products. This gives enhanced levels of security to protect against any nerve damage and skin breakdown present.

Oasis+ - A Revolution in Pressure Care


Trulife’s Oasis+ range is ground breaking and the most progressive pressure care range in production today. Constructed from a medical-grade siloxane elastomer the range is extremely durable as there is no outer film. Our innovative design allows end users experience pressure relief not previously possible. All products in the Oasis+ range have been designed with the patient in mind and have anti-slip properties to increase safety, security and comfort.

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