Arab Health Exhibition and Congress (30 Jan – 03 Feb 2017)

March 22, 2017

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Trulife were in attendance at the Arab Health Congress and had a very successful few days exhibiting.

The Congress has become the biggest healthcare exhibition and gathering for medical professionals in the Middle East. More than 4,000 healthcare companies from over 70 counties around the world exhibit at the event.

Arab Health was a fantastic way for Trulife to begin 2017. We interacted with some of our most important clients at the event. The gathering itself was a great success for Trulife giving us an excellent chance to showcase our brand and our product range including; pressure careprosthetics, orthotics, and breastcare.

During the event, we spoke with a lot of our existing customers which was a real pleasure, and developed our network by meeting new distributors.

Product Innovation

Pressure Care

At the event we exhibited one of our most innovative pressure care products the New Elite Trendelenburg System.

Trulife have designed the Elite Trendelenburg System to tackle some of the difficulties faced in the Trendelenburg position. The primary challenge being nerve damage, patient slippage and the formation of decubitus ulcers.


The continued growth in Trendelenburg and also Robotic Assisted Surgeries steered us towards developing this new system. The importance of Safe Patient Positioning is more crucial than ever.

A recent study by Grand View Research, Inc found that the growth in medical robotic systems is set to continue and that the overall size of the market could grow to approximately US$17,900 million in the next three years. The report suggests that the increase in the volume of IT being used by medical professionals is a big driver of this growth. A large number of facilities are heavily investing in upgrades to their technology by adding new software management solutions as well as the latest in imaging systems and robotics. The average spend per head on healthcare is also predicted to grow in the next decade. Each of these factors plays a role in the increased demand we are seeing.

To lessen the risk of neuromuscular damages it is enormously important that patients are positioned properly on the operating table. This allows the optimal surgical exposure and reduces the risk of injury. When robotic surgery is taking place positioning is also very important to make sure there is sufficient room for the camera and any moving parts. Therefor a steep Trendelenburg position (approximately defined as 30° – 40°) is needed for robotic gynaecologic surgery and this is more vital in this context than has been the case with traditional laparoscopy.

At Trulife we always observe the latest surgical trends to make sure there is improved patient outcomes, which is central to everything that we do.

Prosthetics & Orthotics  

Together with the new Elite Trendelenburg System we exhibited some of our most well-known prosthetic and orthotic products at the Arab Health Congress. This was a great opportunity for a lot of potential new customers to interact with our products and to chat with the Trulife team. A lot of the conference delegates were very interested in our Matrix Range Ankle Foot Orthoses that was on display. The Matrix Range uses a glass fibre and carbon composite and is extremely lightweight making it very popular with patients. At the event we also had our Lerman Non-Invasive Halo and our Lenox Hill Precision Pro with us which both drew a lot of interest from the crowd.

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