Event Reviews – May 2017

May 31, 2017

orthotics and prosthetics

At Trulife we always keep ourselves occupied and we really enjoy getting out and about meeting with our clients and making connections at interesting events. In May the Trulife team were in attendance at two conferences:

  1. The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) World Conference in Cape Town, South Africa
  2. The Association of British Surgery (ABS) Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Both events are very well established and extremely well attended – giving us the perfect chance to display some of Trulife’s newest prosthetic, orthotic and breastcare products to the attendees.

International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics – ISPO

16th World Conference, Cape Town, 8-11 May 2017

Both Patrick and Simon from Trulife were present at the ISPO conference in Cape Town at the beginning of May. An historic moment for the ISPO as it was the first time the flagship event was held in Africa. It was fantastic for Trulife to be at such a respected conference.

Each year the ISPO is a key date in many calendars and draws industry professionals from the orthotic, prosthetic, mobility and assistance companies from nation’s right across the world. Part of the reason it is so popular is that many companies showcase their latest innovative products and scientific advancements in the various areas are highlighted.

During the four day event, we attended several interesting presentations and workshops. The workshops were an ideal time for people to network and discuss new ideas with research professionals, technicians, doctors, therapists, and manufacturers.

We made sure not to miss the opening address and it was extremely enjoyable this year. It included an outstanding talk by Giles Duley. Back in 2011, Giles lost both his left arm and his two legs after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan. He was working there photographing people caught up in the conflict. Giles went through 30 operations in an attempt to stabilise his condition and put him on the road to recovery.

Doctors informed Giles that it would not be possible for him to walk again and that his career was effectively finished. However, he is a strong-willed individual and refused to accept the diagnosis and told his doctors “I’m still a photographer” and began to focus 100% on his recovery. As a result of his efforts he returned to work within 24 months. Since getting back to work he has gone on to capture stories in Lebanon and Jordan, and returned to Afghanistan in mid-2012, to complete his original project.

The award-winning documentary, Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline, featured his return to work and much of his photography has been featured in a number international newspapers and magazines.

Giles regularly and openly talks about his experiences on TV, radio and at numerous international conferences.

Listening to Giles speak was a very emotional and uplifting, definitely something that will live long in the memories of the audience.

Being part of the conference gave us a great opportunity to speak with a lot of enthusiastic people, and talk about our latest innovative products, while also giving us interesting feedback that we were able to bring back to the rest of the team in Trulife HQ.

Association of Breast Surgery – ABS

Conference, Belfast, 15 & 16 May 2017

Gráinne, Simon and Gerry from Trulife HQ in Dublin along with Serita Moore, South East Sales Manager from the United Kingdom were all present for the ABS Conference in Belfast during May.

Our stand attracted lots of the delegates and our new ReCover range of breast reconstruction and post-surgery solutions was of particular interest for many. The attendees were also very interested in out external breast sizing kits that we had with us for the event. There was a lot of discussion around these products and it was great to get first hand feedback.

Many university students and graduates along with patients that we spoke with grasped how effective and innovative Trulife products are and it was rewarding to see that they could immediately appreciate the products full potential.

Several different companies from a variety of breastcare disciplines, spanning from reconstruction to augmentation were at the ABS Conference.

Next Time Round

Being a part of the two events proved a great success. The team met with both students and patients and were able to inform them about the latest trend taking place in the medical device field.

We also got the opportunity to catch up with many familiar faces as well as make several new contacts.

Keep an eye on our site for information on the various events we will be attending in the near future – if you would like to arrange a meeting in advance please contact us.

If you require more information on any of our products please don’t hesitate to email us info@trulife.com.

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