The Future of Robotic Surgery

June 22, 2017

pressure care robotic surgery Trendelenburg-System-Shallow-Tilt

Robotic surgery continues to grow as the biggest companies in the medical device industry ramp up their investment in research and development. These newest robotic systems provide almost unimaginable dexterity meaning surgical procedures are now far safer, more efficient and less invasive resulting in shorter patient recovery times.

Exciting developments and new product launches continue to take place with Intuitive Surgical and Titan Medical having new models in the pipeline. An interesting partnership is also taking place between Johnson & Johnson and Google so, it is not only medical device companies entering the world of robotic surgery but also leading digital and technology organisations.

Falling Prices

High prices can act as a barrier in any industry when considering adopting new technologies and the same can be said for robotics. However, companies including Johnson & Johnson, Intuitive and Titan are focusing on producing their latest devices at a lower price point. As they become more widely used prices should continue to drop.

For example, the Da Vinci X by Intuitive Surgical, due to be released towards the end of the year, will be available at a lower price than the more advanced XI model. However, many of the same capabilities are available with the Da Vinci X. In many markets outside the United States the XI is considered to cost too much so the lower priced model will be a welcomed addition by many.

Titan are another medical device company putting downward pressure on the market. Their Sports Surgical System is designed to perform many of the functions as Intuitive Surgical’s but at a reduced price. The Sports Surgical System can perform a variety of surgical procedures that include; urological, abdominal and gynaecological.

The advancements in robotic surgery are making new systems more economical for hospitals and the growth in the market is expected to continue in the coming years. It is estimated that by 2020, surgical robotics sales could double to $6.4 billion per annum.

Digital Surgery

In early 2015 Johnson & Johnson announced that Ethicon, one of Johnson & Johnsons medical device companies, had entered into a collaboration with Google. The partnership would see Google collaborating with the Life Sciences division to advance the surgical robotics, which in turn would be of benefit to surgeons, patients and health care systems around the world.

Johnson & Johnson and Google are calling their new surgical system ‘digital surgery’ and say it has the potential to be far more affordable than Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci model.

“This collaboration with Google is another important step in our commitment to advancing surgical care, and together, we aim to put the best science, technology and surgical know-how in the hands of medical teams around the world.”

Boost in Productivity 

Over the coming months and years, the surgical robots will continue to advance and become more flexible, being able to perform a wider range of procedure and also perform diagnostics and monitoring of patients leading to greater levels of productivity.

Doctors and surgeons may indeed have extra time which they can use to provide greater levels of care for patients and aid in their recovery.

Trulife Backing Robotic Surgery

Trulife has designed the Elite Trendelenburg Positioning System, in order to support the advancements in robotic surgery.

“At Trulife we are fully committed to supporting the latest innovative developments in robotic surgery and we have designed a new system to support its growth. Central to everything we do is patient care and safety and our new Trendelenburg System provides new levels of safety and pressure care for patients, thus reducing the possibility of an injury being sustained during surgery. The positioning system has been specifically developed with robotic-assisted surgery, abdominal surgery and gynaecological surgery in mind.” James Toland Senior R&D Engineer

Pressure Care – Safety and Support

Trulife’s innovative Elite Trendelenburg Positioning System confronts several critical problems that arise when performing surgery in the Trendelenburg position – for example; patient slippage, decubitus sores and nerve damage.

Our highly skilled team of engineers have carefully designed the new positioning system to incorporate a supportive and comfortable mixture of gel and foam that provides the patient with outstanding comfort and pressure relief during surgery.

Included in the system are shoulder supports fabricated from a state of the art carbon composite that give extra support, comfort and safety throughout deeper surgical procedures.

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