Custom Matrix KAFO / Custom Matrix Combo KAFO

27 November, 2013

CLICK HERE to find out more ...

Impressions II

22 May, 2013

The newest and greatest Impressions ever created. Soft, Natural, Beautiful. Following on from Impressions and Impressions Shell, Trulife introduces the newest member of the Impressions Family’. CLIC ...

Matrix Max 2; Easy-Trim footplate

2 April, 2013

Fitting your patients’ every need! Matrix Carbon Composite AFO’s Easy-Trim foot plate; fit up to 3 shoe sizes with one product! CLICK HERE to find out more. ...

SNF100 – Seattle NaturalFlex

15 March, 2013

A whole new keel of life; the Seattle NaturalFlex is our first foot with a fiberglass composite keel Based on the Seattle Energy foot, the Seattle NaturalFlex is our latest offering to the K2 market C ...

Kinetic Light – With the launch of the Kinetic Light, Trulife brings our customers a product of proven quality in a new light-weight form.

15 November, 2012

Similarities to the Seattle Kinetic include:   Integrated ankle function for all categories is the same as the existing SKF200   Accessories and replacement parts are also the same as for th ...

SSK633 – SA Load Activated Braking Knee, a welcome addition to the K2 market.

15 October, 2012

The Single Axis Load Activated Braking Knee offers smooth movement throughout its range of motions. Upon weight being applied to it, the knee immediately locks and can hold the patient’s weight ...

Child’s Play Energy – A paediatric model of the Seattle Energy

23 September, 2012

Making a great product even better; Trulife has created a paediatric version of the Seattle Energy; the Child’s Play Energy. Dynamic toe and cushioned heel response Non removable sandal-toe foot ...

Childs Play Matrix – The latest product to join the family of Matrix carbon composite AFOs.

9 July, 2012

The Child’s Play Matrix offers a number of attractive features; Lightweight carbon composite frame with enhanced stability Lateral strut that fits anterior to malleolus Open calcaneal design Cus ...

Embark with Trulife on a New Generation in Breastcare

19 January, 2012

                                 &n ...

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