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December 4, 2017

pressure care wheelchair cushions

Pressure injuries are a very real and serious problem for many people around the world. In the UK the NHS estimated that between 1,700 and 2,000 new pressure ulcers are developed within 72 hours of a patient being admitted into care each month. And treating pressure injuries accounts for 4% of the total spend each year.

Thankfully, in recent times pressure care has improved significantly. Excellent initiatives such as Stop Pressure Ulcer Day have raised awareness in the media and there is a shift towards prioritising the actions needed to tackle the problem. New pressure care products have also come to market that greatly reduce the chances of these injuries occurring in the first place.

Given the extreme discomfort caused by pressure sores, the distress experienced by staff and the high costs in treatment – it is vitally important that everything is done to address the problem.

Proven Results in Pressurecare

The range includes our seating solutions Relax Wheelchair Cushions.  Selecting a cushion is a unique and personal experience, what works and feels comfortable for one individual might not necessarily be suitable for another.

Studies have revealed that up to 60% of wheelchair users report a sore during their life time and that 75% of body weight is supported by only 8% of the seated area. This is something we keep in mind when working on new seating solutions as we strive to make a difference for wheelchair users.

We recently sent three of our wheelchair cushions to undergo an independent trial to learn more about how they were performing for both users and practitioners. The testing by BeoMed Counsulting Berlin on the Relax Range of wheelchair cushions (Gelcell, Gelcell G2 and Duogel) has revealed excellent results in the prevention of Pressure Sores……

Seating Solutions – BeoMed Independent Trial

Below is a brief overview highlighting some of the key findings from the trial.

Relax Gelcell

Relax Gelcell G2

Relax Duogel

Relax Seating Solutions

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