2016 AOPA Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium Orlando, Florida

February 29, 2016

On March 9th, Trulife look forward to presenting a clinical workshop on the use of gait analysis to enhance clinical outcomes.

With the advent of new methodologies and materials, the focus is on a paradigm shift from the traditional materials to new, improved carbon composites. Choosing the best orthosis is an inexact process. When making decisions regarding patient care, we should have evidence regarding the best options for intervention.

The Workshop

This workshop is designed for CPOs, COs, CPs, COAs, CPAs, and CPEDs who want to increase their knowledge of gait biomechanics and gait analysis using new technologies such as video observational gait analysis, telemedicine, and other methodologies.

Participants will develop a better understanding of normal gait as well as gait deviations that are typically observed in patients who walk with an orthosis. Trulife will also be introducing and teaching the new Custom Matrix System. This Custom Matrix AFO will provide patients with neurological conditions triplanar control and a true custom fitting orthosis that we have been unable to achieve with current OTS designs.

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The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists is dedicated to promoting professionalism and advancing the standards of patient care through education, literature, research, advocacy, and collaboration.

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