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July 12, 2018

A History in Pressurecare

For years now, Trulife has been at the forefront of medical device innovation particularly in the field of pressure injury prevention.

Trulife’s use of medical grade silicone originates to 1987 when we began making Breast Prostheses products to make life a little easier for women following breast cancer. Today we enjoy a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing the most natural products on the market. This is mainly due to investment in research and developments to facilitate innovation that enables us to create unique products with unique features to improve the life of the patient.

The knowledge that silicone is a well-recognized material in the medical industry, as it is compatible with skin, durable, and excellent at relieving and re-distributing pressure, encouraged the Trulife team to pursue other uses for silicone.

In 1995 Trulife began manufacturing pressure relieving products for the operating theatre, helping prevent patients from developing pressure sores and nerve injury during surgery. Over the years we have expanded on this offering and today we are now market leaders in many countries around the world.

Extensive research by the Trulife team in recent years highlighted the fact that the circumstances in which patients develop pressure injuries can vary greatly. Studies estimate that surgical patients account for 20-30% of all pressure injuries.  Selecting the correct products and following advised positioning techniques greatly reduces the risk of pressure and nerve injury.

It is estimated that a high percentage of Pressure sores are preventable. Careful management and vigilance can help prevent the onset of most pressure sores. The cost of preventing pressure sores far out weights the cost of treating and litigation.

Pressure sore formation is even higher for wheelchair users with 60% of wheelchair users reporting a sore during their lifetime. This is down to the fact that 75% of body weight is taken over 8% of the seated area. Patients in long-term/elderly care are particularly vulnerable to pressure injuries, these patients can be found both in the hospital setting and the homecare setting. However, knowledge and education have improved immensely along with the technologies available. This influences the design of our products.

For years now Trulife has used gel to develop wheelchair cushions to improve everyday life for wheelchair users. While this helps prevent pressure sores in the seated areas of the body, it doesn’t protect some extremities. This got our R&D team thinking, what products will be easy to administer to patients extremities to protect from pressure sore formation? The answer – pressurecare products you can wear.

TruCare – Pressurecare you can wear

The TruCare range is ideal for the treatment of low mobility patients in these settings who may come into contact with hard surfaces that could cause pressure injuries such as the armrest of a wheelchair or chair.

The range is designed to allow multifunction use both on the body and on materials that come in contact with pressure points, enhancing the care of patients at risk of suffering from pressure sores and ensuring optimum comfort.

Trulife has developed a range of products that are designed to protect the skin from pressure. The combination of silicone gel and adhesive provide the patient with excellent levels of protection and comfort.

The Range


Elbow: Can be applied directly to the patient’s elbow and reapplied numerous times without losing tackiness. It may be useful for wheelchair users who may find the armrests uncomfortable.

Wrist: Can be applied directly onto the patient’s wrist protecting the ulna and radius. It may also be useful for wheelchair users who may find the armrests uncomfortable.

Heel: Can be applied directly onto the heel and reapplied numerous times without losing tackiness, specially designed to redistribute the pressure on the calcaneus and the bottom of the Tibia and Fibula.

Positioning Pad: Especially useful for persons in a wheelchair who may have muscle atrophy and an inclination to leaning on one side of the wheelchair. It can be applied directly to the patient’s body and reapplied numerous times. Can either be applied to the patient or a hard surface that the patient may come in contact with.

A Game Changer in Pressurecare

The flexibility of use of the TruCare range offers patients and practitioners alike an opportunity to use the range in a variety of ways to protect extremities from pressure injury.

It is highly adaptable to use in a number of settings allowing the patient feel comfortable in knowing they are at reduced risk of developing a pressure sore.

Most importantly, it is well documented now that pressure injuries can be prevented. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure measures are taken to prevent such injury. The use of TruCare can be just one of these measures. In taking the steps to protect the patient from pressure injury development, more humane care is provided to the patient and that is also more cost-effective for Healthcare Depts.

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