• Maintenance-free design
  • Lightweight aerospace composite materials for increased comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Urethane bumper with four resistance options at heel strike for individual patient fine-tuning
  • Energetic, flexible toe loading response that automatically adjusts to variable walking speeds
  • Full-length sandal-toe ensures superior ground compliance to facilitate a well-balanced gait
  • Lightweight Z-pins to deliver increased structural integrity at keel/shank merge point


Medium to High impact levels, K3/K4, maximum weight of 136 kg /300 lb*

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Model No. Description Range Weight Limit
SZN200 Zenith, Light Foot Shell, 3/8” Heel Rise 22-30 cm 300 lb (136 kg)
SZN203 Zenith, Dark Foot Shell, 3/8” Heel Rise 22-30 cm 300 lb (136 kg)

Weight Limit:
 136 kg / 300 lb*


Product Sizes: 22-30 cm
Toe: Sandal Toe
Foot Shell: Light, Dark
Product Weight: 460 g (Size 27 without foot shell)
Min. Clearance: 17.8 cm / 7 in
Heel Rise: 9.5 mm / 3/8 in

Foot Size (cm) Low Impact Level Medium Impact Level High Impact Level
Category Walking on Uneven Surfaces Light Sports Running, Basketball
3 24-30 101-136 kg ● 221-300 lb 89-123 kg ● 194-270 lb 76-105 kg ● 166-231 lb
2 23-29 81-100 kg ● 177-220 lb 71-88 kg ● 156-193 lb 61-75 kg ● 133-165 lb
1 22-28 < 80 kg ● < 176 lb < 70 kg ●  < 154 lb < 60 kg ● < 132 lb


Foot: 3 years
Foot Shell: 6 months

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