• Narrowed shank provides multi-axial compliance to uneven terrain increasing stability and limb comfort
  • 9 categories to choose from
  • Optional toe wedges provide increased dorsiflexion resistance and improved proprioception at mid-stance for increased stability
  • Multi-axial rotation and shock absorption
  • Full-length split keel
  • Smooth rollover and controlled plantar flexion
  • Pre-assembled with Spectra sock in removable foot shell
  • Foot shell available in light and dark

Medium to high impact levels, K3-K4, maximum weight of 160 kg /350 lb*

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Model No. Description Size Weight Limit
STF190 Triumph, Light Foot Shell 22-30 cm 160 kg / 350 lb*
STF193 Triumph, Dark Foot Shell 22-30 cm 160 kg / 350 lb*



Weight Limit:  160 kg / 350 lb*

Product Sizes:  22-30 cm

Toe:  Solid Toe

Foot Shell:  Light, Dark

Product Weight:  493 g / 1 lb (Size 25 without Pylon)

Min. Clearance:  18 cm / 7.1 in

Heel Rise:  9.5 mm / 3.8 in


Foot:  3 years

Foot Shell:  6 months

Pre-assembled with:  Foot shell and Spectra sock

 *For low impact level, category 9


Category Selection Instructions

To optimize the selection and ensure amputee’s safety, follow the two steps below to determine the appropriate category.

  1. Locate the column that corresponds with the amputee’s impact level.
  2. Within the selected column, locate the amputee’s weight.

Important Note: If the amputee has a long BK, carries heavy loads or will reach a higher impact level within a year, choose the next category higher.

Warning: Choosing a lower strength category than what is suggested based on the above procedure and patient data will void the warranty. If your patient’s weight exceeds the limits of the chart please call Trulife Customer Service.


Low impact
Uneven surfaces
Medium Impact
Light Sports
High Impact
Running, basketball


141-160 kg

310-350 lb

124-145 kg

271-320 lb

106-125 kg

232-274 lb

8 121-140 kg

266-309 lb

106-123 kg

232-270 lb

91-105 kg

199-231 lb


101-120 kg

221-265 lb

89-105 kg

194-231 lb

76-90 kg

166-198 lb


91-100 kg

199-220 lb

80-88 kg

175-193 lb

69-75 kg

150-165 lb

5 81-90 kg

177-198 lb

71-79 kg

155-174 lb

61-68 kg

133-149 lb


71-80 kg

155-176 lb

62-70 kg

136-154 lb

53-60 kg

117-132 lb


66-70 kg

144-154 lb

58-61 kg

126-135 lb

50-53 kg

108-116 lb


60-65 kg

132-143 lb

53-57 kg

117-125 lb

46-49 kg

101-107 lb

1 <60 kg

<132 lb

<53 kg

<117 lb

<46 kg

<101 lb

Take a look at the Triumph in action!

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