T37 Hyperextension Orthosis with Pelvic Band

  • Limits anterior, posterior and lateral movements
  • Continuous adjustment of sternal, lateral and pelvic padded plates for better fit
  • Adjustable pelvic band
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Swivel sternal pad
  • Posterior pad may be used horizontally or vertically
  • Latch-lock clamp closure allows ease of donning and doffing

Indications: Vertebral compression fractures, Osteoporosis, vertebral arthritis and post-surgical support

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Model No. Size Hip Circumference Pelvic Band Length Product Height
T37-02 SM/MD 76-94 cm / 30-37 in 43-48 cm / 17-19 in 43-50 cm / 17-20 in
T37-04 LG/XL 94-114 cm / 37-45 in 53-59 cm / 21-23.5 in 48-59 cm / 19-23.5 in

Replacement parts:

Model No. Description Size
T37T39PADKIT Replacement pad kit ONE SIZE
T343739KITSMMD Replacement strap, buckle and grip kit SM/MD
T343739KITLGXL Replacement strap, buckle and grip kit LG/XL


Material: Aluminum

Warranty: 90 days

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