Seattle Zumo

• Trulife’s heavy-duty foot withstands up to 450 lb!
• Durable composite design for K3 users
• Pre-assembled with a male pyramid for quick and easy installation
• Split composite keel for increased stability
• Dynamic toe and cushioned heel response
• Removable, life-like, sandal-toe foot shell


Low to medium impact levels, K3, maximum weight of 205 kg /450 lb*

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Model No. Description Range Weight Limit
SZM450 Light Foot Shell, 3/8″ Heel Rise 22-30 cm 450 lb(204 kg)
SZM453 Dark Foot Shell, 3/8″ Heel Rise 22-30 cm 450 lb(204 kg)


Weight Limit: 205 kg / 450 lb*
Product Sizes: 22-30 cm
Toe: Solid Toe
Foot Shell: Light, Dark
Product Weight: 750 g / 1.65 lb (Size 25 with foot shell)
Min. Clearance: 10 cm / 4 in
Heel Rise: 9.5 mm / 3.8 in


Foot: 2 years
Foot Shell: 6 months

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