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The Relax range offers a wide variety of pressure relieving cushions for wheelchair users and people of restricted mobility who are at increased risk of developing pressure sores. The range has been designed to re-distribute weight and provide exceptional pressure relief and optimum comfort at an affordable cost, bringing a better quality of life to the user.

Why select the Trulife Relax Wheelchair Cushion Range?

  • Ultimate pressure relief and comfort
  • Medical Grade Silicone in each cushion
  • Reduces shear and friction
  • Dampens impact
  • Easy to use
  • Biocompatible
  • Made in Ireland
  • Cost effective

Air & Gel

air gel

Air & Gel cushions effectively redistribute pressure, reduce heat and cushion bony prominences. The air cells allow this cushion to be adjusted to the patient. They are lightweight which allows them to be easily transported. The combination of Air & Gel ensure enhanced pressure distribution and protection for patients with a history of skin breakdown.


Gel & Foam

gel foam

Gel & Foam cushions offer improved immersion and envelopment, excellent pressure relief and weight distribution, as well as greater comfort and seating stability. “A combination of foam and gel can be effective in preventing both skin changes and pressure sore formation” 2008 Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices, Aorn, Inc.


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