The Trulife range of Prosthetic devices offers top quality products that help the user attain the highest level of mobility and function possible to allow them to lead a healthy and active life. It includes prosthetic feet, knees as well as AAA modular components. The range consists of lower limb devices that enhance the function and lifestyle of persons with limb loss and includes our family of foot prosthesis – The Trulife Seattle range.

Why select the Trulife Range?

  • High Quality
  • Functional
  • Reliable
  • Long Lasting
  • Superior Design



Prosthetic Feet are used by people with lower limb loss. They can be used by as part of a wider prosthetic leg system if the amputation is above the knee or they can be used independently for below the knee amputation. Prosthetic Feet are designed to meet the needs of each individual to deliver high levels of comfort, function, motion and energy. The foot prostheses offered by Trulife are designed to meet varying activity levels.



Prosthetic Knees are arguably the most complex of all prosthetic systems and are used by people with knee limb loss. They provide support to the user when standing, enable controlled movement when walking, and allow unhindered movement for bending, sitting and kneeling. Prosthetic knees are designed to meet the needs of each individual to deliver high levels of safety, functionality, stability, shock absorption and control.



The Trulife AAA Modular components are manufactured to optimum quality and design. They are adaptable to all lower limb prosthetic devices. The AAA family of modular prosthetic components that utilize shot-peened aluminium to achieve a durable weight limit of 350 lb and provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to titanium.



Paediatric Prosthetics are designed for children. The prosthetics offered by Trulife include: feet, knees as well as modular components.

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