Pressure Care

Oasis – The Original Silicone Solution

The Oasis range is an extensive range of reusable 100% silicone gel pads. The silicone we use is softer than both skin and underlying tissue. This means that pressure is relieved by the slight movement of the silicone gel and resulting dissipation of pressure/force across the product.

Oasis Elite – Lightweight & Pre-Contoured

The Oasis Elite range combines silicone gel and light weight foam with a pre-contoured surface to provide superior pressure relief and patient protection in the Operating Theater. Anatomical pre-contouring facilitates greater conformity between gel and body shape; weight is then redistributed over a larger area. Oasis Elite products are more than 50% lighter than comparable gel-only products. They are designed for stability, easier handling and manipulation by medical personnel during preparation and surgery.

Azure – Redefining Pressure

Each product in the Azure range consists of two independent protective silicone layers that work in combination allowing the moulded products to effectively conform to the individual user’s shape in a more contoured and less structured manner, resulting in effective protection against nerve damage and skin breakdown.

Oasis+ - A Revolution in Pressure Care

The Oasis+ range is the most advanced and innovative range of pressure-relieving products available on the market today.  Made from a medical-grade siloxane elastomer, additional durability is ensured because the products have no outer film. The shape and anatomical design of the products promotes the ultimate in pressure relief. Oasis+ also has anti-slip properties helping to provide comfort and support to the patient.

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