Lower Limb Orthotic – Custom Design for Paraplegic Skydiver

June 2, 2016

Custom lower limb orthotic

After being in an unfortunate skydiving accident Ben White is a T8/T9 paraplegic. Trulife were contacted by Rosie Manning in relation to Bens situation. Rosie was at the time studying at Nottingham University in the UK and in her last year of a mechanical engineering degree.

Rosie was seeking our guidance on the design and parts needed for a custom lower limb orthotic that Ben could use. Ben wanted to join up with his indoor skydiving team Flatfly in a Bodyflight World Challenge.

We used Rosie’s design concept for the basis of a custom lower limb orthosis for Ben. We worked closely with both Rosie and Ben during the design phase and called on our extensive experience in orthotics and prosthetics. We also have a vast understanding of all the composite materials used in the manufacturing of Trulifes’ Matrix products. We put all our knowledge together and were able to make Rosie’s design a reality.

Ben visited our specialist clinic in the UK where he was cast for the bespoke orthotic. The great news is that Ben can now move from his wheelchair to the wind tunnel without the help of a creeper. The new lower limb orthotic enabled Ben to participate at the Bodyflight event and his team came 3rd!

Ben was the only participant to have a physical disability and all the Trulife team were extremely happy to be able to make a difference for Ben. We want to thank Rosie for contacting us and wish the Flatfly team luck in their upcoming competitions!

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