Hyperextension Braces: Healing Compression Fractures of the Spine

August 31, 2018

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As we get older back pain can become an increasingly disruptive problem in many people’s lives. This can be as a result of muscle/ligament strain, bulging/ruptured discs or in many cases, as a result of complications arising from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is defined as “a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bone, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones.” Among the risk factors associated with the condition are compression fractures of the spine.

Hyperextension braces provide support for patients healing from compression fractures and can also be used in the healing process post spinal surgery that involves the thoracic or upper lumbar region of the spine.

How do Hyperextension braces help patients heal?

Hyperextension braces can help patients heal and live a more comfortable life. When being worn, they prevent a patient from leaning over too far thereby restricting the degree of bend – this can help speed up the healing process and can reduce the chances of interference with the spinal compression fracture and sensitive spinal structures. A person wearing the brace can still rotate and bend to the side as normal.

Bracing is a low-risk, cost-effective method to treat certain thoracolumbar fractures, and can produce excellent results post-surgery.

How Does a Spinal Compression Fracture Occur?

As people get older they are more likely to suffer from acute back pain which is often dismissed as simply the process of growing old. However, it may be a sign of something more serious. The pain may indicate that someone has minute fractures forming in their vertebrae. If these tiny fractures multiply they can lead to a vertebra in the spine to collapse. If this happens it is referred to as a spinal compression fracture. Spinal fractures are quite common, and it has been suggested 700,000 occur each year in the US.

Brittle bones are the root cause of the problem and the compression fractures are likely to occur due to osteoporosis, a bone thinning condition. When the bones become weak and soft they are unable to support the spine throughout our daily lives as we bend and lift objects. In the most severe cases of osteoporosis, coughing or sneezing can even lead to a compression fracture.

Unfortunately, osteoporosis is referred to as a ‘silent disease’ and in the vast majority of cases there are no major symptoms until the fracture has occurred. However there are a number of symptoms to keep an eye out for…..

Symptoms of a Compression Fracture

  1. Very sudden onset of severe back pain.
  2. Either walking or standing worsens the pain.
  3. Lying flat on your back eases the pain.
  4. Unable to move freely.
  5. Reduction in Height.
  6. Deformity and disability.

It is always advisable to consult a medical professional at the onset of one of these symptoms.

compression fracture hyperextension braces

How does a Hyperextension Brace Work?

A hyperextension brace is designed to prevent the forward movement of the spine. It allows side to side movement and also trunk rotation. The back brace puts pressure on the pelvic bone and the chest in order to keep the spine in the extended position.

Hyperextension braces are commonly designed with a metal rod with pads attached to it, so that when they are adjusted correctly, they are strategically placed on the chest, abdominals and the pelvic bone.

The Trulife Solution

Trulife has developed the T-Series Range of Spinal Hyperextension Braces that are supplied globally by our distributors.

T34 Hyperextension Brace Trulife Compression Fracture

TrulifeT34 Hyperextension Orthosis with Pubic Pad

The Trulife T34 Hyperextension Orthosis has been anatomically designed to include a pubic pad and pelvis bar to alleviate pressure. The sternal pad has also been carefully developed to swivel which further reduces any pressure on the spine.

The height and width of the brace can be adjusted without any difficulty, and the locking latch is easily closed making the T34 extremely easy to fit.

We also have the Trulife T34S (Short) available which is a shorter version of the T34.

T37 Hyperextension Brace Trulife Compression Fracture

T37 Hyperextension Orthosis with Pelvic Band

The Trulife T37 Hyperextension Orthosis has been designed to limit the patients anterior, posterior and lateral movements whilst providing additional support and stability. The sternal, lateral and pelvic padded plates can be continuously adjusted so that the brace fits the patient correctly and comfortably.

Our latch-lock closure allows the hyperextension brace to be fitted with ease.

T39 Hyperextension Brace Trulife Compression Fracture

T39 & T39S Hyperextension Orthosis with Articulating, Adjustable Pelvic Band

The Trulife T39 and T39S Hyperextension Orthosis both limit the patients anterior, posterior and lateral movements. The posterior pad may be positioned either vertically or horizontally as required. Both the height, width and pelvic band of the T39 and T39S can be adjusted very easily.

Again, this model is fitted with our latch-lock clamp that enables ease donning and doffing.


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