Embark with Trulife on a New Generation in Breastcare

January 19, 2012

At Trulife, the importance of restoring confidence, self-esteem and ultimately, a better quality of life for women following breast surgery is at the heart of what we do. Having created the first successful breast prosthesis on the market back in 1958, Trulife is proud to introduce Impressions, the most natural, softest and lightest breast form ever created. There is a reason why people are calling Impressions ‘the greatest evolution in the history of Breastcare’!

According to Trulife’s Group CEO Noel Murphy, “50 years on from bringing the first successful breast prosthesis to market, Trulife is proud to launch Impressions world wide in 2012. We understand what women want from their breast form; we understand because we listen and have been listening for 50 years. We insist on bringing you nothing but the best and will continue to push the boundries of manufacturing capabilities and materials innovation into the future.”

About Trulife Breastcare
In 1958, following his wife’s diagnosis of breast cancer, Walter Kausch developed what would become the world’s first successful breast prosthesis. Frustrated by the lack of options available, Walter went to work at creating the Liquid 212 at his home in Detroit, Michigan. Walters story was a labour of love born out of his belief that only the best would do, and it is this ethos which remains at the heart of everything we do at Trulife today.

Company Overview
Trulife is a global manufacturer of Orthotic, Prosthetic, Breastcare & Pressurecare products. We provide trusted products with proven designs that meet or exceed industry standards for quality and ease of use for orthotic, podiatric, prosthetic and physical therapy professionals around the globe. Our investment in new product development combined with the acquisition of industry renowned brand names reflect Trulife’s core ethos of superior service to its customers, clients and patients.


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