Custom Lower Limb Orthotic for Paraplegic Skydiver

December 14, 2015

Ben White is a T8 / T9 paraplegic, after an accident suffered while Skydiving. We recently received an email from Rosie Manning, a final year mechanical engineering student at Nottingham University. Rosie wanted advice on the components and design of a custom lower limb orthoses for Ben, to enable him to take part in the high-octane Annual Bodyflight World Challenge with his team, Revolution Flatfly.

A number of members of our design team at Trulife used to be involved in a wide range of the sports. Taking Rosie’s concept, they produced a custom lower limb orthosis.

custom lower limb orthosis

Working closely with Rosie and Ben, the team drew on their experience in orthotics and prosthetics as well as their knowledge of composite materials used in the development of the Matrix range to help bring Rosie’s innovative design to life. Ben was cast for his bespoke orthotic at our specialist clinical room in Sheffield. Ben is now able to transfer directly from his wheelchair into the wind tunnel, without having to lie on a creeper.

en White Custom lower limb orthotic for paraplegic Skydiver

Thanks to his new lower limb orthosis, Ben was able to take part in the Bodyflight challenge with his team, Team Revolution Flatfly. They came third in the Rookie 4Way!

Out of all competitors, Ben was the only one with a physical disability.

The team at Trulife were delighted to be involved with this project. We want to wish Rosie all the best with the rest of her studies, and congratulate Ben and Revolution Flatfly on their success at the event.

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