Pectus Carinatum: the Orthotic Treatment Option

11 May, 2018

“Today we are looking back on a 2013 article that appeared on O&P Edge and examined the classification of the anterior chest wall deformity known as Pectus Carinatum, and the potential for the c ...

Drop Foot | Hayley’s Inspirational Story of Overcoming the Problem

8 May, 2018

Foot drop is a deceptively simple name for a potentially complex and serious problem. It is defined as a substantial weakness of the ankle and toe dorsiflexion. In this article we’re going to discus ...

Medical Tradeshows – a thing of the past or way of the future

10 April, 2018

Medical tradeshows have long been extremely popular with both practitioners and medical device companies over the years. The biggest events draw visitors in their thousands from around the world and o ...

AAA Modular Adapters

7 March, 2018

Trulife has been at the forefront of medical device design and production since 1958. Up to the start of the century, practically all of our business was in Breast Prostheses. Since then the business ...

Preventing Pressure Ulcers – Saving More Than Just Money

23 January, 2018

Pressure Ulcers – An Unnecessary Problem Pressure ulcers are defined as a localized injury to either the skin or underlying tissue, often over a bony prominence that occur as a result of pressure or ...

The Value of Innovation

18 December, 2017

Medical devices have come a long way and these days they are truly multi-functional in treating illness and disability – being used for a wide variety of purposes including diagnosis, prevention, mo ...

Trulife Relax – Excellence in Pressure Care

4 December, 2017

Pressure injuries are a very real and serious problem for many people around the world. In the UK the NHS estimated that between 1,700 and 2,000 new pressure ulcers are developed within 72 hours of a ...

From military infantry to Trulife engineer – the sky is NOT the limit

23 November, 2017

TruStories – Jay Humphries It’s not often that you come across a successful engineer at the cutting edge of product development in prosthetics who‘s also a war veteran, a double amputee and an e ...

We’re Getting Behind Stop Pressure Ulcer Day S.P.U.D.

10 November, 2017

Trulife HQ is based in Ireland, and we love the little nicknames used for things here – if you ask any Irish person what a ‘Spud’ is they’d tell you it is a potato!! In medical circles tho ...

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