AAA Modular Adapters

March 7, 2018

Trulife has been at the forefront of medical device design and production since 1958. Up to the start of the century, practically all of our business was in Breast Prostheses. Since then the business has grown and evolved to support the changes in our customers’ needs and today incorporates multiple medical device offerings sold across several continents.

Our Prosthetics division has proven to be an area of huge success; it has grown exponentially stronger while experiencing rapid growth. The Trulife range of lower limb prosthetics, in particular, has proved extremely popular with patients and practitioners alike.

Our new Zenith & Zenith LP feet may well steal headlines due to their innovative design and incomparable performance but there is a range of accompanying products that have a more subtle but no less important function and which are proven to be equally popular – the Trulife AAA modular prosthetic components!

AAA Modular Adapters Prosthetics

AAA Modular Prosthetic Components

The AAA Modular Component range utilises shot-peened metals to achieve a significantly higher weight limit. The AAA aluminum components are rated to 350 lb and provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to titanium. For patients who are heavier or have a higher activity level, we’re able to offer the AAAHDTi range, which are shot-peened titanium and rated to 450 lb!  The Child’s Play AAAK adapters are rated to 144 lb. All are manufactured to optimum quality and design and are not only for use with Trulife products but are adaptable to all lower limb prosthetic devices.

Our Aim – Happy End-Users

Trulife have sold hundreds of thousands of AAA components in the last four years with a satisfaction rate of 99.91%. To help our customers achieve these levels of satisfaction with the range, we have developed a list of good practice Do’s and Don’ts for correct AAA Application/Use:



Why Select Trulife AAA Modular Prosthetics?

To better understand user satisfaction, we must put the results in the context of why people first selected Trulife’s AAA range ahead of competing products:

A US-based practitioner who recently spoke to us at the Hanger Ed Fair explained the reasons his patients like to use Trulife AAA adapters, “My patients like them because of the black anodized look.  Some show off their limbs now because they like the look.  Others who always showed their limb have noticed that other people don’t stare at their limb anymore as if the black look makes the limb less noticeable.” Practitioners like the AAA adapters’ high quality, competitive cost and reliability, but more than anything they like them because their patients do.

One user of the products, Jay Humphries, also happens to be a Trulife engineer and designer of the AAA line. He gave us a lowdown on why he thinks the range is the highest quality available on the market: “I have been designing, testing, and re-designing various modular adapters, prosthetic foot components and prosthetic knee components since 2002. All new designs and newly re-designed components were thoroughly tested and pushed to the limit so as to learn the amount of punishment these devices can withstand. Good design practices coupled with the application of well-established manufacturing processes allow us to offer our AAA line of aluminum modular adapters with a higher weight limit. They meet or even exceed the strength and durability of legacy titanium and stainless steel adapters.”

Prosthetics with Superior Performance

Most modular prosthetic adapters available throughout the industry are functionally similar. The AAA line sets itself apart from competing products by its adaptability, functionality, reliability and overall superior performance.

We have highlighted some of the benefits below:

AAA100 & AAAK100

AAA100 and AAAK100: these are clamp adapters that allow approximately 25mm of height adjustment. This is of particular advantage for fitting growing kids. Standard clamp adapters require that the pylon is cut to precise length, and fully seated in the adapter. This design approach provides far greater flexibility.

AAASMP Mounting Plate

AAASMP Mounting Plate: The design of the plate follows best practice however, the Trulife plate differentiates itself by its patient-rated weight of 205 kg/450 lb, which far exceeds other plates in the marketplace. The unit also includes the expulsion valve assembly whereas competing plates have this component available separately.

AAA Manufacturing Process

aaa modular 1










Rolling: Carbon fiber plies being applied on a heated rolling table built specifically for composites

aaa modular 2










Molding: Composite pylons are molded in a heated press and finished to exacting standards, +/-0.002”











aaa modular 4

Bonding: We bond pylons to ensure a void-free bond

aaa modular 5











Finished Product: AAAHDTi200, Ready to ship

AAA Modular Components – Learn More

For more information on the AAA Modular Components Range, please get in touch with us. You can also download our Prosthetics Catalogue and our AAA & LLS Selection Chart for more information on the products available.

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