Trulife has been owned and managed by a group of highly professional and experienced executives since 1987.

Trulife is internationally based and totally engaged in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of medical, aerospace, automotive, musical and other commercial product.

Trulife Group is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. European manufacturing, research and development and marketing operations are conducted through wholly owned subsidiaries in Ireland and England.

In the USA and Canada, Trulife trades through wholly owned subsidiary companies with its four manufacturing plants.

Trulife Group Limited is the ultimate holding company with 90% of the equity held by Noel J. Murphy, and the remaining 10% by senior executives.

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Up to the mid 1990’s practically all of the Group’s business was in breast prostheses. By the mid nineties the business had evolved into multiple medical device offerings across all continents.

In early 2014, Trulife’s acquisition of ProCNC launched expansion outside of medical devices and into design and manufacturing for aerospace, defense, music, commercial and other industries.

The Trulife Story at a Glance:

1958 Trulife was established in Detroit, MI by Walter Kausch, creator and developer of the world’s first commercially successful external breast prosthesis.

1987 Noel J. Murphy acquires Trulife.

1997 Trulife acquires CAMP in North America, founded by Samuel H. Camp.

2004 Trulife acquires the businesses of CAMP UK, CAMP Ireland and Radiant Impressions.

2005 Seattle Systems is acquired, bringing Trulife into the lower limb prosthestics industry.

2014 Trulife acquires Pro CNC and enters the aerospace, commercial and defence industries.

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