Trulife maintains a core group of dedicated R&D professionals who have gained vast expertise over the last 20 years from practice and experience combined with the continual exploration of new materials and technologies. This has provided a sound platform for the launch of many successful new products. Trulife commits significant resources towards enhancing our knowledge and capabilities in new materials, products, technology and process improvements.

In Ireland -

Truife has built a knowledge in silicone gels and rubbers, hydro gels, foams, elastomers, coated fabrics and films. Rapid prototyping techniques, in-house model-making and mould design enable up-scaling to production at minimum cost and lead-times. With skills in CAD, Solid Works, engineering and industrial design, we can move from concept to design and rapid prototype through to product testing and successful product launch in a timely and controlled manner.

In Canada -

Trulife has knowledge in the area of state-of-the art knitting equipment used to manufacture prosthetic interfaces, garment design to manufacture bras and orthopaedic soft goods using an advanced system of computerised Gerber cutting. We continually seek innovative materials to develop new products, enhance product quality and improve cost competitiveness.


In the UK -

Trulife manufacture custom designed and custom made products to specific patient requirements. Most patterns and designs are created in-house. Our modern central fabrication units in Birmingham and Sheffield have teams of skilled technicians making orthoses in a wide range of materials extending from carbon and glass fibre composites, through to modern thermoplastics to the more traditional metals and leathers, still appropriate for some of our patients.

The Birmingham facility is the location of the research and development laboratory housing a force platform, pressure measurement and video based motion analysis systems. New materials and products are tested to validate function. We use the laboratory for the assessment of our more challenging patients referred by orthotists. The laboratory is also used to facilitate the training and education of our clinical staff.

In the US -

Trulife manufactures custom-designed breast prostheses specifically made to fit each individual patient. Because  of the specific needs for each individual the prostheses are hand made in a technical and artistic manner.

Trulife’s Custom Sure Step department located in Poulsbo, Washington offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive custom ankle foot product lines on the market today. The offering of functional and comprehensive Ankle Foot Orthoses combined with traditional podiatric foot orthotic technology ensures Trulife’s leadership in the very fast pace world of medical needs. Also in Poulsbo we use state of-the-art CNC computer controlled and water jet technology on a variety of materials including steel, titanium, aluminium, plastic, carbon fiber, foam, rubber and urethanes. Our carbon-fibre manufacturing process uses an autoclave to give consistent quality of lamination.

Poulsbo is also the home of our foot testing laboratory where we test our prosthetic feet to the Industry leading ISO22675 test standard, which tests prosthetic feet to ensure they can endure the forces experienced during natural cadence.

With ongoing research and development, we continue to bring the newest materials, design and technology to all of our Trulife products.


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