Malibu Cervical Collar

  • Lightweight heat mouldable Kydex shell® with soft, closed-cell foam liner
  • Rigid support controls flexion, extension and rotation
  • Independently height-adjustable anterior and posterior sections
  • Trachea opening
  • MR Safe
  • Thoracic extension and fabric liners available
  • Includes 2 chin pads


Cervical spine precaution for trauma patients, immobilization for pre and post cervical spine surgery, degenerative disorders, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, ligament/muscular injuries, Rheumatoid Arthritis, degenerative joint disease and nerve impingements

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Model No.SizeHeightNeck Circumference
CV100Adult8-13 cm / 3-5 in30-43 cm / 12-17 in
CV101Paediatric6-8 cm / 2-3 in20-28 cm / 8-11 in
CV102Thoracic Extension, Adult
CV103Thoracic Extension, Paediatric, Large20 cm / 8 in
CV104Thoracic Extension, Paediatric, Small18 cm  / 7 in



Material: Collar – Kydex®/Plastazote. Thoracic Extension – Kydex®/Plastazote/Carbon Composite
Warranty: 90 days
Includes: 2 chin pads

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