Kinetic Light – With the launch of the Kinetic Light, Trulife brings our customers a product of proven quality in a new light-weight form.

November 15, 2012

Similarities to the Seattle Kinetic include:

New features of the Seattle Kinetic Light are:

Seattle Kinetic Light (size 27)

Seattle Kinetic (size 27)

Categories 1& 2 – 490g

Categories 3-5 – 573g

Categories 1& 2 – 625g

Categories 3-5 – 625g

*   Categories 1 & 2 now have a more flexible composite Keel than the existing Seattle Kinetic categories 1 & 2, with the reduced weight being due to a lighter foot shell

Indications: Low-medium activity, K2, maximum weight of 166kg ● 366 lb

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