Trulife UK & Ireland

Noel Murphy – Group Chief Executive Officer
Alan Cooke- Group Chief Financial Officer
Olive Gunning- Group Chief Operating Officer
Conal Harte- Group Marketing Manager
Fiachra Green - Operations Manager (UK&IRL)
Martin Ryan- Director of Sales (IRL)
Gary Brennan- Group Procurement Controller
James Collier- Controller (UK)
Cormac Dowling- Controller (IRL)
Michael Talbot- Production Manager (Tallaght)
Shane Nickson- Business Development Manager (Orthopaedics)
Wendy Burgess- Customer Service Manager (IRL) 

Trulife USA & Canada

Larry Knudsen-  Executive Vice President of Sales (NA) 
Anna Reyes Potts- VP of Operations, O&P (USA)
Debbie Radde- Director of Operations, Breastcare (USA)
Marion Donnelly – Production Manager (CAN) 
Douglas Murray – Controller (NA)
France Foster - Marketing Manager (USA & CAN) 
Pennie McCracken- Sales Manager (CAN)
Diane Desjardins- Customer Service Manager, O&P (USA)
Ted Pfaff – Production Manager, (USA)
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