Trulife has built its reputation over 25 years. It is recognised as a business with the highest ethical standards and genuine corporate governance profile.

The Group is dedicated primarily to serving its customers. This ethos is the determining factor in any decision made or action taken.

The Group is committed to treating all of its employees, customers and patients fairly and equally. The Group offers equal opportunity employment, a harassment-free and substance-free workplace, appropriate health, safety and environment conditions, as well as an open and enlightened atmosphere.

All employees are required to act in the best interests of the Group, its customers and patients at all times. No employee should bring the Group into disrepute.

The Company insists that all of its businesses be conducted in compliance, in all material respects, with all applicable laws and regulations.

Employees are expected to refrain from being placed in a position that could produce a conflict of interest, whether real or perceived, between the individual’s self-interest and the interest of the corporation. Employees must never make or receive improper gifts or payments in any way in connection with the business.

The Group ethos emphasizes the importance of all partners, customers and patients. The Group is dedicated to servicing all of their requirements. Employees are expected to represent this ethos in all dealings. It is therefore vitally important that communications between peers, customers, suppliers and other providers be of the highest possible standards and be applied consistently. The use of corporate assets for personal or inappropriate use is strictly prohibited.

Trulife expects all employees to take responsibility for quality in whatever they are engaged in and to deliver the best value possible by constantly focusing on efficiency and productivity. The Group adopts a continuous improvement programme throughout its activities. In recognition of these responsibilities one can expect the Group to treat all employees fairly and equitably and to condemn unsuitable behaviour of any kind.

Trulife encourages participation and transparency in all its dealings. Employees are required to uphold the obvious best practices in their interactions with patients, clients, customers, suppliers, other third parties and amongst each other. The disclosure to management or any other appropriate authority of malpractice or inappropriate conduct is advocated and the discloser will be granted full hearing and protection from reprisal.


All Trulife employees are expected to uphold good communication practices, continuously and consistently with clients, customers, suppliers and other third parties as well as with fellow employees. The onus is on each employee to be responsible for responding to calls or emails or any form of communication in a timely manner whether that be merely to inform the caller/sender that a more detailed assessment is needed, a greater time may be required or some other person may need to be consulted on a particular matter.

Employees may only use Company information and Company property to the extent needed to perform their jobs properly. Company information encompasses all proprietary information that is not generally available to or known by the public, and it includes any information in the format: written, electronic, visual or oral. It may also include information that the Company develops, purchases or licenses and information the Company receives from others, including its customers.

Social Media

Trulife has social media regulations advising of the correct way to use social media to prevent abuse. Social media must only be used in a corporate capacity and must not contain the personal views of employees. All employees are advised that they must abide by these regulations set down by Trulife. All corporate equipment, software and the cloud are banned for personal use.

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