• WalkAide System

    WalkAide System

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    WalkAide SystemWalkAide SystemWalkAide System


    • A Major Step Forward in the Treatment of Foot Drop
    • WalkAide is a medical device designed to improve the walking ability of people experiencing foot drop. WalkAide simulates the typical nerve-to-muscle signals in the leg and foot, causing the foot to lift at the appropriate time in the walking cycle. The resulting movement is a smoother, more natural and safer stepping motion.
    • WalkAide uses advanced sensor technology to analyse the movement of your leg and foot, then send electrical signals to your peroneal nerve, which controls movement in your ankle and foot. These gentle electrical impulses activate the muscles to raise your foot at the appropriate time during the step cycle.

    Patient Kit Includes:

    • WalkAide unit
    • WalkAide cuff
    • WalkAide electrode lead cable
    • WalkAide electrodes (pack of 4)

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